Quality Candidate Sourcing and screening for your Small Business


Specialist in CV sourcing and Screening

Bringing you Qualified People when Your Small Business Needs them.

We take care of the toughest and most time-consuming part of hiring, which is finding candidates with the skills and experience you need. 

We’re here to ensure you have a selection of candidates perfectly suited for your role, so you can pick the best person with confidence.

We find you the qualified candidates You Need

One of the biggest hurdles for your small business is finding the right person for your job vacancy. This is where we excel, using carefully crafted job ads and expert search techniques, we discover candidates perfectly suited to your role. We carefully screen all applicants, so you'll only see CVs from candidates who are motivated and meet your needs.

We Save You Time and Hassle

Many clients choose our services because we rescue them from spending hours sifting through piles of unsuitable CVs. We do that hard work for you and present you with top matching CVs for your role. Saving you a significant amount of time and stress. This means you can focus on running your business while we use our expertise and knowledge of the job market to find you the best pool of candidates.

We save you money

Our service for finding you top candidates helps you save money compared to traditional recruitment agency. But, just because it's cost-effective doesn't mean you sacrifice quality, it's just a different type of recruitment service. We specialise in providing you with high-quality CVs that have been carefully screened to match your job needs.

Here's what you get with our Candidate scourcing services

All our services include the following features.

Ensuring you receive a pool of qualified candidates that match your requirements.

Our Packages

Finding you the right candidates from £999

Application Booster

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We'll find you top CVs from qualified candidates by promoting your job opening widely and conducting daily searches for 1 month. We handpick the best matches and use additional filtering to show only motivated candidates, cutting out time-wasters and unqualified individuals. All for a fixed price of just £999.

Application Booster Plus

We'll handle everything from the Application Booster plus conduct 4 telephone interviews, providing a report of the discussions. This ensures you only interview the best candidates, saving time and stress, all for a fixed price of £1,399 per vacancy.

Consultancy Service

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We understand small businesses have unique needs. With our consulting service, we tailor support to your requirements, offering extra help with LinkedIn headhunting or a fixed fee recruitment service for those key roles.